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Nestled in a postcard-perfect landscape, La Butte’s 4-star hotel is able to share this exceptional corner of Brittany with its guests.

The Dunes of Keremma
Countless dunes line the coast of Finistère, and the dunes from Keremma to Tréflez are a botanist’s paradise. This is the longest line of dunes in Brittany, running for 5km along the coast and ranging from 500m to 1km in width. Their 200 hectares are home to orchids and other rare plants, as well as geese, shelducks and herons.
– Tourism Finistère

This former seaweed harvesters’ village is nestled in the rocks of Kerlouan in the Côte des Légendes. A unique and unmissable destination for history and nature buffs alike.
– Lesneven/Côte des Légendes Tourist Office

In the heart of the Pagan region of Finistère, Kerlouan, with its grassy dunes, wild granite coastline and unique atmosphere, is well worth a detour.
– Tourism Brittany

Bay of Goulven
The Bay of Goulven is an important bird sanctuary whose 180 hectares shelter the thousands of birds who come every year to take shelter in its grasses or isolated islands, taking refuge from predators and observers. The tranquil pond and reed beds hidden behind the seawall provide further bird habitat. In spring, some species nest in the dunes or at the top of the beach. The area is also host to a rich diversity of flora including around 600 plant species.
– Tourism Finistère

The Breton Abers are shallow fjords where the sea follows a long and narrow channel inland. The term aber denotes both the river and its estuary. Sea and freshwater landscapes mingle and create a unique atmosphere. There are three Abers in northern Finistère: Aber Wrac’h, Aber Benoît and Aber Ildut.
– Tourism Finistère

Parish Closes
Breton parish closes are unique in France. They consist of a church and highly-decorated outer wall, monumental gate, Calvary and ossuary. Most of Brittany’s parish closes are located in northern and central Finistère. They were built in the 16th century, during Brittany’s “Golden Age”. These closes illustrate the application of artistic tradition to the expression of religious fervour, and today continue to testify to the history and culture of the region.
– Tourism Finistère

Batz Island
Batz Island, 3.5km long by 1.5km wide, is located 3km across the water from Roscoff, and is accessible by a 15-minute ferry ride. The influences of the gulf stream have allowed agriculture (mostly organic) and plant life in general to thrive on this tiny island. Visitors can explore on foot or by bicycle (there are no cars) and discover the island’s beaches, inlets, Exotic Garden, ruined chapel and lighthouse.
Finistère tourism source

Virgin Island
Only 1.5km from the coast, to the northeast of the Aber Wrac’h estuary, lies Ile Vierge. In the mid 15th century, Franciscan monks established a monastery in which they remained for about 60 years before leaving it to return to life on the mainland. Today, visitors can climb the 365 steps of the island’s granite, opaline and kersantite lighthouse for a magnificent view of the Abers and the Pays Pagan.
– Tourism Finistère

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